About Us

FreshWay Communications is a Boston-based web design firm. We pride ourselves on our personal approach, distinctive designs, and years of experience.

Julie Riley

Julie Riley

Julie started her web career by helping to launch the internationally acclaimed (but now defunct!) Nutrition Navigator Web site at Tufts University in 1997. With a strong communications and editorial background, Julie tunes in quickly to clients' needs and is able to translate their business goals into effective web site structures and designs. She has worked on web projects for HealthGate DataCorp, ProCOR/Lown Foundation, Pathfinder International, North Shore Community College, and Imagitas, among others. Julie teaches courses on web design and communications at the Tufts University School of Medicine and North Shore Community College.

Brian Riley

Brian RileyWith over ten years of experience with web site design in both the entertainment and corporate fields, Brian brings fresh, innovative ideas to each project. After launching his first music-related site in 1996, he became co-founder and promoter of synthmuseum.com, the largest online museum of its type. He has since designed sites for photographers, artists, musicians, and writers, and for businesses ranging from real estate companies to health care organizations.